Material:peel and stick tile / cleaner / damp cloth

Tools:hard ruler / measuring tape / sharp scissors or craft knife / pencil / marking pen

Clean your wall surface thoroughly with a de-greasing cleaner and damp cloth. Remove any outlet covers.Wait for it to dry.

Mark a straight line with pencil and a hard ruler before cutting.

Cut the jagged edges of the first piece of tile off with scissors.Peel off the tile backing, and press it onto the starting corner of the wall.

Once the tile is in position, press it firmly in place by smoothing it with your hand.Continue in this way until you finish the backsplash.

If you need to cut around any windows, cupboards or outlets, measure and mark the piece of tile & cut it to size.

When removing the mosaic sheet from release paper backing,lift up from right corner.

Place the exposed adhesive step by step on the wall . As you peel, continue applying pressure to the tile,until the backing is completely removes.

For the second tile and others,overlap the borders of each tile on the previously installed tile,so only one border should remain between the two tiles after installation. 

When you need to remove the tile,just use a blow dryer ,warm up each tile to soften the adhesive and pull softly starting with the corners.