This section provides answers to the questions that our customers ask the most about our products and install services.

1.What are ideal surface for installing peel & stick wall tile on?

Smooth undamaged surfaces are perfect. For example:
Painted gypsum(after a 21-day curing time for fresh paint) / Smooth ceramic tile / Wall panel(acrylic) / Wall linoleum/ Mirror / Wallpaper

2. What surfaces should I not install peel&stick wall tile on?

Peel&stick wall tile cannot adhere properly to certain rough or porous surfaces. For example: Porous wood / Relief ceramic tiles / Textured wallpaper / Unpainted gypsum / Floors / Countertops / Ceilings / Brick / Stone

3. Are samples available?

You can order a sample for each model at a minimal cost, delivery included (expect 7 - 14-day business delivery).

4. How should I clean and maintain the peel & stick wall tile?

Simply use a sponge to restore the shine of wall tile. Use a mild non-abrasive household cleaning product such as dish soap, a cream cleanser or a glass cleaner.

5. Can I easily remove peel&stick wall tile?

Yes,they are easy to remove with little to no damage,depending on the surface they were installed on.To make it easy,use a blow dryer to warm up each tile to soften the adhesive and pull softly starting with the corners.Use a cleaning product to wash the wall and remove any excess glue left .

6. Is it easy to align peel & stick wall tile?

First, using a level, draw a horizontal line on the wall at the height of the first row of tiles. JRY specially designed adhesive allows the tiles to be repositioned during installation if firm pressure has not already been applied. Easily unstick the tiles from the wall to properly reposition them.